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Tuesday, 30 September 2014


After a harrowing journey, I reach Kos

Welcome to Greece!
Not quite as sunny as I imagined, at least at first. But I don't mind

I head up into the town

See the famous tree

Explore some ancient ruins
I am sure the people who built these never imagined that one day a penguin would be standing here
There sure are a lot of ruins
And I visited the castle

Water. Boats. Shudder


Here I am in sunny Bodrum - the last stop before Greece
There is rather a lot of water here
And these boats make me worry about my journey tomorrow

I visit the castle

A moment in the shade - it is very hot! - before I continue on

I stumble across a shipwreck....inside a building?

Before I continue my climb to the top of the castle

A quick moment to look at the view

Before I go to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World

The Mausoleum at Helicarnassus

There's not a lot left - earthquakes destroyed most of it, then knights came in and took what was left to fortify the castle

But it is impressive when you realize what once stood here....and sad that it was lost

Time to face my fears again. On to the islands.