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Saturday, 8 November 2014


And now I am in Split
It is a beautiful old city - reminds me a lot of Rhodes
Also reminds me of the towers you see in Italy
I can't believe somewhere this beautiful - and ancient - exists
I've heard that this part of the city is 1700 years old
Very few tourists here today - probably because November is cold, and drizzly

Before I leave, I take a moment to touch the bishop's toe - for luck


And here I am in Zagreb at last
The architecture here is beautiful too
A curious mix of old and new
So many beautiful buildings!
A familiar face
I move up into the old part of the city
And get the shock of my life when the cannon fires!
There are beautiful buildings here too, but a different kind of beautiful
At last I arrive at the cathedral
This clock stopped when the 1880 earthquake struck Zagreb
Finally I arrived in Ban Jelačić Square
It is as beautiful here as it is in the rest of the city
And a fitting place to end my tour of Zagreb


After a long overnight journey, I stopped in the small town of Villach
I like this old-fashioned postbox
For such a small place, there are a surprising number of churches
Something strange going on here - I look like a ghost!
I changed trains at the Hauptbahnhof
And carried on to my final destination
I am really tired, so I will take a nap now


And here I am in Zürich
As you can see from my outfit, it's very cold here!
Unfortunately it's too cloudy to see the mountains - I'm told that they're really beautiful
There are a lot of beautiful churches here

But it's quite deserted - I think it must be the cold
Look - I found someone to talk to!
A final stroll by the the river

And then the clouds lift, and I can see the mountains!
And then I head to the Hauptbahnhof to catch the train to my next destination