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Saturday, 11 October 2014


Here I am at last in Athens

A chance to see the famous ruins

The original Olympic stadium

And, of course, the most famous of all
The Parthenon
A friendly passerby held me up so I could get a better view - I am only a little penguin

A final walk around the Acropolis

And some very odd men
Before it's time to move on again

Friday, 10 October 2014


Speaking of impressive, this is the island of Santorini
From here, I can see the volcano - looks innocuous enough
The island is everything you've imagined, from whitewashed buildings

To the famous blue-roofed churches
To the beaches
To the villages clinging precariously to clifftops

And that view!
I could stay up here forever and never get tired of looking
I drag myself away for long enough to see some more of the famous churches

And to visit the volcano
Yes, on a boat
The volcano was an altogether scary experience - given that it was steaming
And this rock is uncomfortably hot
I had one final stop to make before I left Santorini


Today I visited Rhodes

It was an unpleasant journey - why do all these islands have to be surrounded by water?

But the Old Town was magnificent enough to make up for the journey - I've never seen anywhere like it

I wandered the streets for a while

I took a moment to rest - it was a very hot day

Before I visited the Palace

Which was even more impressive than the rest of the town - and that's saying something!

I ventured inside to explore

It was like stepping back in time

One final stop at the harbor, to see where the Colossus of Rhodes had once stood

Desperately seeking shelter from the relentless sunshine

I quickly visited the lighthouse

Before it was time to move on to my next destination