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Monday, 15 September 2014

Istanbul - Part Two

The Asian side of Istanbul, that is

I stopped first at Haypardasa Station

The trains are no longer running, so instead the station is full of cats
I explored a little

Before heading back outside


I have reached Istanbul!

And I am a very long way from home

My first stop was, of course, the Blue Mosque

Where I was photobombed by a strange man

Inside it was beautiful

Then I went across to Haghia Sophia

Which was also pretty spectacular

A brief moment's rest

 Before I head through this gate

And on to Topkapi Palace

A brief trip through Taksim

A quick trip up Galata Tower to see the view

And then it was time to go to Asia

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


I took the night train to Sofia - it was cramped, but I enjoyed chatting with my fellow travellers

And by morning, I was in Sofia

Look - I found a friendly lion!

An Orthodox church

And nearby, a mosque

A very brief visit to the mineral baths - no, I did not bathe in the waters of eternal youth

These buildings used to be the center of power - now they hold only offices and shopping malls

Below the streets - a whole other world, slowly coming back to life

A relic of days long gone, surrounded by modern office buildings (and one hotel)

What was once the home of the royal family is now an art museum

I visit the grand theater, before I move to the final stop on my tour

The famous Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Saturday, 6 September 2014


A quick stop on the way to Istanbul - Belgrade!

Sleeper train from Budapest, and a compartment all to myself
A brief rest, before I began exploring again

I started with St. Sava's - the largest Orthodox Church in the world
In the rain, of course

Then I moved up to the fortress, hoping for some sort of a view through the drizzle

I wandered the meandering paths

Exploring the castle a little
 Even finding....another castle? A castle within a castle
Before at last I spotted a likely viewpoint
I climbed up
And reached the top
The view was beautiful

But I was a little tired of the constant rain - time to head somewhere hopefully less damp